Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Are you kidding me??? January??? I havent even looked at this thing since January??? Damn! Time really does fly!
You know when time flies?
When you keep 5 babies every day. Under the age of 2.
When you have 23,753 chickens.
When your husband isnt working.
When you are ebaying everything that isnt nailed down for extra money.
When your son isnt working.
When you work every available weekend shift at the hospital.
When your kitchen cabinets fall off of the wall.
When you find black mold behind those said cabinets.
When your car needs a new water pump for a year so you cant go out of town in it.
When your windshield wiper quits working in a rain storm and its also time to get car inspected.
When baby chicks keep hatching!
When your freezer door gets left open long enough to make everything but the 12lb turkey hot.
When you wish May came after December so you have more time to party plan.
When May cant come fast enough to have fun at the party.
When you vow to keep in touch with someone and you realize its already been 3 months!
When suddenly all my babies are walking and talking!
When did that happen!!!!!

So now I vow to write in this more often. Or at least before next January.