Monday, April 27, 2009

Are YOU My Mommy???

Ok, just a little break from girlfriend stuff. Because this is important stuff. Really, really, really important stuff. I wouldn't take a break in girlfriend stuff for just anything, you know. It would have to be important, because girlfriend stuff is totally the most important stuff around.

So yesterday...I became a GRANDMA! See, I told you it was important! Don't ever doubt me again!

And I was really surprised too because I wasn't expecting it for another couple of weeks. Its a long story, and I don't want to do a really long blog right now. I just want to get to the pictures. Because they are great.

Meet...cute, little, I don't-know-what-his-name-is! "HELLO! Are YOU my mommy?" "No, I'm your wonderful loving Grandma."This was the first time I ever saw little I don't-know-what-his-name-is. His mamas jumped out of the nest to eat, and there he was, peeking out at me. I was in love. Aren't you?
And today after work, I came home to find...little I don't-know-what-his-name-is, UNDER the nest. Cheeping his little wet, cold heart out.
Grandma to the rescue!
"Oh, thank you Grandma!" "You saved me!" "I love you Grandma!" "Let me sing to you Grandma!" He likes to call me Grandma, I could tell.
I just can't bring myself to tell little I-don't-know-what-his-name-is that I am really suspecting that THIS is his mommy.
And I don't want him to know right now because she is not a very good mommy. In fact she laid his little egg and just went off and left him like he was a...a...a egg or something. She didn't even consider sitting on him to keep him warm enough for him to hatch or anything. She left him! Unwanted, to be hatched and raised in a CULT! A cult of 3 mommies and 2 daddies, and lots of fuzzy, frilly, floozies, that just run around cavorting with the daddies. And because I am a wonderful, loving Grandma, I put the daddies and the floozies off in another pen! Now the 3 good, sweet, loving mommies can hatch and raise all the little babies in a happy chicken pen home.

You're welcome cute little I-know-what-his-name-is. I love you too!


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Oh Lord, WHAT am I thinking???

I am having a party here in 10... that's ten days! Count them, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10! And I am working all day today so that really makes 9. And I have to work on Monday so that makes 8. And one day I have to grocery shop and prepare food so that makes 7. I have one day of quilting to do which makes it only 6. And one day of sewing leaves only 5. And John has promised me a day away tomorrow to see if I can find some of my sanity somewhere along the bluebonnet covered highways to Brenham, leaving me with 4 days to see if I can turn this totally crappy junk pile into a beautiful party worthy yard. Lord give me strength! And some muscle relaxers and strong pain relief. A few pre-party margaritas wont hurt anything either.

Luckily, I had Gina and Gia a couple days last week and the back is looking pretty good. All the flower beds are moved and and reset. We have a lot more room this year than before. But I also have a lot of uneven ground to work on. Its going to take several wheelbarrows of dirt to fill in some of the holes where the flower bed rocks use to be. And gophers. And moles. And tree stumps. And of course we had the several inches of rain after all our work, to settle stuff and really pack in what we had done. But my flowers and what little grass is there is really happy now. I am hoping that the taking out of some trees back there will allow for some sunshine into our world (yes, along with the heat!) and we can give the grass a fighting chance now.

So on Friday, its time to pull out the gloves, the weed eater, the shovels, rakes and hoes, the wheelbarrow, and the truss. And put my butt to work!

And the one thing we will have this year that we didn't have last year...


And for all who are wondering, Zeta the wonder quilter, has ONE row left on the big quilt! I know, I don't believe it either!

And after the yard comes the...
*setting up tables and chairs
*fixing a place for the singer
*try out margarita recipe
*hanging thousands of white christmas lights
*putting together all the silent auction items
*try strawberry margaritas
*put together 50 gift bags
* recheck bags the next day
*try mexican martinis
*setting up the quilt racks and raffle table
*food prep
*ice chest and lots of ice
*make jello shots
*hang the banners
*try jello shots and adjust vodka
*put some hair on and set up the big girlfriends
*try more jello shots
*redo girlfriends hair the next day
*maybe lessen vodka a bit
* spray for wasps and mosquito's before trying new jello shots
*hang candles not husband
*get nails done
*take a nap

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Quilt is IN THE FRAME!!!

FINALLY!!! This top really kicked my butt! Every possible little screw up I could have made...I did! The worst being cutting some half squares a half inch too small. That will not work no matter how you try to stretch it. I probably would have just bought more of that material, re cut, and started over with it. But...I sewed all those sections together before I realized they didn't fit with the other sections. Yes, I cussed, a lot, loud, and for a long time. In fact, I can still let out a string of color just thinking about it. I worked 4 solid days from the time I got up to the time I collapsed into bed. And all I could see, was a wasted day and fabric. So I did what I do when I get frustrated...

I should have stopped there. Oh well, I like hats.

Ok, so back to the quilt. This is the process. Not rocket science, but it's big, bulky and takes time. This is moms sewing room. Her quilt frame hangs from the ceiling by ropes. It can be rolled up to be out of the way or down to work on. Here we have the lining pinned in the frame and the batting all smooth and ready to go. Yes, that's a Christmas tree...don't ask, she likes it.

Then we stretch the top on it and pin, pin, pin, pin, pin...It has to be tight.

Then you give Zeta a needle and some thread and step back out of her way!

Look at old chicken claw GO!

Then up down up down up down ip pull, up down up down up pull, up down up down up pull...and there you have it! A quilted quilt! Now wasn't that easy?

Its just about to tickled her pink!

So there you have it. Now why doesn't every wman have a quilt frame in her house? Why isn't every woman sitting around quilting all day? I don't know either! Mom has people all the time ask her to teach them how to quilt. She can't wait for someone to actually show up to learn. So go on over there and she will sit you down and poke a needle at you. Before you know it, you will be able to say "Why yes, I have hand quilted before! With a professional! Because I was taught by the very best! And I actually stitched on the 2009 Celebrate Your Girlfriends quilt that they raffled off and made thousands of dollars for the scholarship fund!"

Want your chance to win this beautiful quilt??? Of course you do! Contact me for tickets, or Gina or Zeta or Gia, or any woman who is lucky enough to have been at a Girlfriends party with us and we can tell you how! We can also give you directions to the party this year. May 2! Mary Charlotte Young will be strummin and singin her little heart out. And I promise to keep the margarita jug FULL!