Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Blessings Grow

I moan and I groan. I complain and whine. I procrastinate. I bitch and nag. And nag and bitch. I want and want and want. I get down and depressed and negative. Then I bitch and complain and whine some more.

And I am ashamed.

I am the most blessed person that I know of. And I had to be reminded of that by people that I have never even met face to face. Not just one or two, but a LOT of people.

Thank you Girlfriends, for being the wonderful daily blessings of my life!

And here are some of my blessings at previous Celebrate Your Girlfriends parties. A couple of pages from my scrapbook.

Last years scholarship winner and quilt raffle>;;3>6;:>WSNRCG=323:7:9386<8:nu0mrj">Me with some>;;3>6;:>WSNRCG=323:7:9386<8;nu0mrj">

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

And the Winner is...

Cause YOU are my favorite!!!
If I don't have your address, make sure to email me with it.
I am taking my mom out for some mommy/daughter time tonight and tomorrow. We are going out to read some signs! My mom LOVES to read signs! Road signs, billboard signs, business names, licence plates, signs on vehicles, peoples shirts...Everything she sees, she has to read, out loud.
And she loves to tell you that when she was a kid, anytime they got to go anywhere, they read the signs. Only it was totally hilarious when they did it. Because after every sign they read, they added "between the sheets!" And apparently it was really funny to say such a dirty thing out loud and get away with it.
And yes I have tried it when alone of course, just to see what it was all about. "Kountry Inn Hotel...between the sheets." "Chinese Buffet...between the sheets." "Watch KCEN channel 6 News...between the sheets." Ok, so I can smile about it. But after a few hours of it...that's enough...between the sheets!

In a couple days, I am going to download some pictures of the past Girlfriend parties, just so it will make you want to not miss it for the world! Because you should, you know! BE THERE! FOR THE WORLD! between the sheets!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Cause Cindy said to GIVE STUFF AWAY!

This I got from my friend Cindys blog. What a cool idea! I love it and I love giving things away! So even if you dont have a blog and you want something free, just cause I like you and want to give you something, leave me a comment. And this is a great way to get rid of some junk...uh...wonderful treasures that I have been saving just for YOU, my special friend! And I made the setting changes that should allow all to leave a comment, so DO IT! Tell me that there is someone out there! That I am not in this blog all alone. That I am loved and needed. That I am a wonderful person and darnit, you like me. Give me a sign, are you there? Sing me the Barney song. Paint me a rainbow. Or blow me a kiss. SOMETHING!

I Will Make Something For You

The first five people to respond to this post will get something made by me.This offer does have some restrictions so please read carefully:- I make no guarantees that you will like what I make.- What I create will be just for YOU.- It will be done this year (2009).- It will be something made in the real world and not something over the internet.- It might be a mix CD, homemade hot sauce, an original photograph, poem, baked goods, or a photograph of a poem about baked goods and hot sauce...who knows!In return, all you need to do is post this text into a blog of your own and make 5 things for 5 other people.Make sure to comment here that you are interested in my little gifty and then post it in your blog.Void where prohibited, use only as directed, for a limited time only, store in a cool dry place.Let's keep it going!"

Now for your viewing pleasure...

Super Wrestler Henry!

My first attempt at painting (since I was 13 anyway) in 2000 I think.

How much we love our mother! No, really we do!

Just an antique quilt top that I LOVE! Cant wait to get it in moms frames.

And a rooster butt.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The way to win a quilt in a raffel...

The way to win a beautiful hand made and hand quilted quilt that is made by my beautiful Mom, is to buy $100.00 worth of tickets! That's what Robyn did last year for the Celebrate Your Girlfriends party and she won! Every payday she came walking into my office..."I need more tickets. I HAVE to have that quilt!" I was so happy when she won it. It is a really beautiful king size quilt. You should see the one Mom is working on right now. Pictures coming soon, I promise!

And this year we are doing something new, because we don't have RULES to follow and we can do what ever we want to to make things better and more fun for YOU! I am making a second quilt! These are the fabrics I am starting with. Wonderful tropic looking turquoise. I love it.

Yesterday with the day off, I finally got it cut out and partially put together. Then decided it needs to be a little bigger. It will be a over sized lap quilt.

In the bow tie pattern. Actually the "easy" bow tie pattern, done on the machine, not hand sewn. NO I DO NOT HAND SEW! I am way to impatient for such things when it comes to quilting. I want a fast finish. See some results a quickly as possible. And this is one of those patterns.

I actually got all the bow ties made last night, but received a call that I would have to go to work today, so had to quit and go to bed. Beauty sleep you know. More like, so I don't hurt someone the next day sleep.

Don't you just want to lick these colors! I can not wait to get this one cut out. I am hoping it will be the first prize quilt. Wouldn't it be beautiful on your bed? Don't you want to buy some tickets? Don't you want to sell some tickets? Let me know!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

BFG Wedding OVER! Time to PLAY!

Now that all the wonderful fun luv fests are over and done with, at least on my part!
I can get down to my new sewing/art/craft/play room. I am so very much in love with
my room! It just makes me happy thinking of it. I wish I were a more organized person,
but it just ain't happening! So I live with what I am and move on. As long as I know where
to find what I want, I'm ok. And as soon as I get all my labels on stuff, I'll know where
everything is. Cause right now, I just know if its in the room or not. Or maybe what side
of the room it might be on. But I am making progress.
Wish I had more wall space. I even moved some of my favorite and newest crosses in here so I can see them. Cant really see it here, but on the door ledge under the crosses are antique thimbles. I love thimbles too! I have hundreds, and still buy them when I see them in antique stores or junk shops. I love wooden spools too, thread or empty. Just in case anyone wants to send me a present or surprise or something, these little suggestions will help.
And every sewing machine has her own shelf where she lives. Standing watch over her court. Being beautiful and regal and old and broken. But loved all the same! I wouldn't throw you out just because you were old and broken!
The purple shelves have all my beading stuff. Not that I bead anymore, but if I wanted to, I could. And it is amazing how many times someone wants a little something that I just happen to have in that cabinet. Really comes in handy, like when making bridal veils for instance. Handy!
All the boxes in the bottom of the "green room" are small fabric scraps. 10 boxes, all
sorted by color. A scrappy quilters dream! Please, come fill your dream!!! Or your basket,
or your box. Please!The shelf over the window is my fun, keep forever stuff. I need more of those shelves. I still have all that stuff in boxes not gone thru yet.
The UT wall is all fabric by yardage. Sorted by color as close as I could before I went
crazy and blind. The top shelf is boxes sorted by cut out quilts, ready to be sewn, by
someone, anyone, you? Call me, lets talk.
The drawers on the bottom are also sorted fabrics. 2 drawers Christmas, 2 fall and other
holiday, 1 baby quilts, 2 antique fabric (oooo I just had a thrill!) 1 for aprons, 1 of antique
quilt squares and patterns (another thrill!) and other various stuff. Remember, I have a
lot of stuff.
The rack on the right is finished quilts. The boxes on the left are large pieces of
fabric that I will never use for anything more than drop cloths when I decide I have had
enough of the UT wall and paint it turquoise! Actually I will donate it all to the Lutheran
church for the ladies to make quilts for Lutheran World Relief. And the fan, well,
I am one hot mama...
The Captains Bridge! Beam me up Scotty! Not where YOU are! To my room!
My beautiful new computer is right behind my sewing machine. So I can blog, stitch,
post, snip, picture, pin, check weather, stitch. O love it!!! love it!!! love it!!!
I also have 2 tables set up around mine so there is room for 3 or 4 more women to be
sewing and or cutting out at the same time. HINT! HINT! HINT! And room for some
dancing at the same time!
First project of the new room. Signature quilt for the Celebrate Your Girlfriends party,
May 2nd come one come all and bring a girlfriend!
It is a bow tie quilt of my favorite colors and everyone coming to the party will sign a light colored block. Haven't decided yet if it will be auctioned off at the end of the night, or if it will be second prize in the raffle drawing. All suggestions welcome! After all this is our 5th anniversary party and I really want it to be a huge one. So if you have any ideas, please let me know!

Friday, March 6, 2009

The word for today class is, "Beautiful"!

Now for some shots of the Big Day! Mom and Gia wait in the hallway for all the guests to be seated. In the meantime, Greg is pacing in the foyer with the priest
trying to calm his frayed nerves. Didn't work.
In Greek tradition, lots of tradition going on here, the bride and groom walk together down the isle behind the priest. Actually relieving a lot of tension from this bride! She did not want to walk it alone! I offered for her sisters to walk with her or in front of her and just sit in our seats and she go on. Other sister said, speak for yourself! There was never a rehearsal, all was just winged. And it worked just fine.

Greg walked my mom down to her seat, which was as sweet as sweet could be.
He really loves his new mother-in-law! And she him!
Here is the beautiful CALM bride awaiting to see her groom.
I have never seen one so calm or so beautiful!
Beautifully painted and ornate. This is the newly built Greek Orthodox Church in Austin. This is the alter wall. There is also a huge dome ceiling that will be painted to match.
The parade of the crowned couple. I'm sure they have a more appropriate name for it, but that's what I know it as. The priest put pearl crowns on them that were connected by a ribbon. Said a book full of words and they had a parade around the alter. Three times. I thought for a minute there she was going to skip or hopscotch or something. Wouldn't have surprised me!
She was really having a good time.
The huge "relief" kiss. It's OVER!!! In the foyer awaiting the congratulating family and friends.

The cake!
The first dance. Look at that face, tells it all doesn't it.

And the big hoppin, skippin, umpah, smash the dishes on the floor, Greek dance!

And AFTER the big hoppin, skippin, umpah, smash the dishes on the floor Greek dance!
Look at the reflector on her tennis shoes glowing! And shes a SMART bride as well as beautiful!
Soon as Greg and Gia return from their honeymoon at Yellowstone Natl Park,
in Jackson Hole Wyoming,
I will have to remind him of that one tradition where the groom
buys a new car for the oldest new sister-in-law. I know he hasn't forgotten,
he's just been busy. And that's ok, after all he does have a wife now.
So, I can wait a week or so.
VW Beetle convertible is what I'm thinking. White, red or green.

Random pictures from Friday night bash

Since I have lost the touch of posting pictures on here. They just go where they want to, in any order they want to. I cant even seem to edit them into the right place. So I will just put them on and try to tell you about them in between. All are Friday night party pics.
The Divas Four! Gia, Georgia, Gina and mom Zeta.John and Georgia
Lannie and Gina
Cousin Nick..."No, Nick, I'm Gias SISTER!"
The Smuches
Harry and dad Glynn and mom in the back ground.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

May I Present To You...

Mr. and Mrs. Greg Galafa...Gelifan...Gillefakinakin...

Gia and Greg!
Sorry he's only been one of us for 9 years or so and

I STILL can't spell that name!

And the whole weekend went off without a single problem! Maybe a very minor glitch here or there. But all in all, I cant think of one. Maybe the party crashers on Friday night. But that was just funny. And even though Saturday was really really really windy, like I would imagine Chicago to be, everything was still perfect! Totally perfect!

The Friday night cocktail party. It was held at an art gallery in downtown Austin that is owned by a friend of Gia's. And since 6th street in Austin is open almost all night, every once in a while we would have strangers that could not read, just walk in and head right to the food tables. Good thing the open bar was at the other end of the room! Gia would politely approach them and ask if they saw the "Private Party" sigh posted on every door. Most left immediately, somewhat embarrassed. One woman apologized and left her plate of food she had fixed, but kept the food she had dropped in her purse! She will always be one of our wedding funnies.

Everyone had a wonderful time getting to know each other. Greg's family is a fun bunch, to say the least. His dad Harry and uncle Nick are total HOOTS! VERY Greek and well, boisterous is a good word. They all love to laugh, mostly at each other. And turns out cousin Nick was a real hoot just like his uncles. He came up to me to introduce himself. He was so sweet. Stuck out his hand with a grin and said, "You must be Gias MOTHER". Poor guy had to live with that moment for the rest of the weekend. I am sure his cousins will remind him of it every chance they get... for the rest of his life. Probably have it etched on his tombstone.

Saturday was not at all what I had expected. I have been to, worked, put on, and served at many weddings in the last 30 years. And I have to say that this one was absolutely the easiest one EVER! And the most beautiful. Simplicity is everything! My girl knows where to put her money to benefit her most and she did everything perfectly on this one. I gotta say, Gia is tight. Very tight! She threw a beautiful wedding on what most weddings these days would get you the flowers and cake. And she put her money in service. Huge plug for the Wyndham in Austin. We were taken care of like I have never known. Not like I get out much, Motel 6 really doesn't do all that much. But they do leave the light on for ya. Basically, all we did was pin some bows on the chairs and set up the cake tables. I am not kidding, that is it! And it was perfect! Classy and elegant! Totally perfect!

We partied till midnight or some later and we just walked away. Cake crumbs and all. And someone else cleaned it all up! I have NEVER seen that before! Some went to the bar and finished out the night there. I hit the bed. This old sister was wiped out. Can't hang like I use to. But I don't think they missed me at all.
Sunday morning was a huge buffet breakfast, all in white. Greg's parents hosted this one, as gracious as ever. It was especially nice since most everyone was leaving by lunch that day and I would say 85% of the guests had to FLY home! It was great to sit in a quiet, as quiet as a room full of Greeks can be, banquet room and visit one more time before saying our goodbyes.