Saturday, April 4, 2009

Quilt is IN THE FRAME!!!

FINALLY!!! This top really kicked my butt! Every possible little screw up I could have made...I did! The worst being cutting some half squares a half inch too small. That will not work no matter how you try to stretch it. I probably would have just bought more of that material, re cut, and started over with it. But...I sewed all those sections together before I realized they didn't fit with the other sections. Yes, I cussed, a lot, loud, and for a long time. In fact, I can still let out a string of color just thinking about it. I worked 4 solid days from the time I got up to the time I collapsed into bed. And all I could see, was a wasted day and fabric. So I did what I do when I get frustrated...

I should have stopped there. Oh well, I like hats.

Ok, so back to the quilt. This is the process. Not rocket science, but it's big, bulky and takes time. This is moms sewing room. Her quilt frame hangs from the ceiling by ropes. It can be rolled up to be out of the way or down to work on. Here we have the lining pinned in the frame and the batting all smooth and ready to go. Yes, that's a Christmas tree...don't ask, she likes it.

Then we stretch the top on it and pin, pin, pin, pin, pin...It has to be tight.

Then you give Zeta a needle and some thread and step back out of her way!

Look at old chicken claw GO!

Then up down up down up down ip pull, up down up down up pull, up down up down up pull...and there you have it! A quilted quilt! Now wasn't that easy?

Its just about to tickled her pink!

So there you have it. Now why doesn't every wman have a quilt frame in her house? Why isn't every woman sitting around quilting all day? I don't know either! Mom has people all the time ask her to teach them how to quilt. She can't wait for someone to actually show up to learn. So go on over there and she will sit you down and poke a needle at you. Before you know it, you will be able to say "Why yes, I have hand quilted before! With a professional! Because I was taught by the very best! And I actually stitched on the 2009 Celebrate Your Girlfriends quilt that they raffled off and made thousands of dollars for the scholarship fund!"

Want your chance to win this beautiful quilt??? Of course you do! Contact me for tickets, or Gina or Zeta or Gia, or any woman who is lucky enough to have been at a Girlfriends party with us and we can tell you how! We can also give you directions to the party this year. May 2! Mary Charlotte Young will be strummin and singin her little heart out. And I promise to keep the margarita jug FULL!


Cindy said...

You seriously have no hair left after this, do you????? But it's oh so beautiful -- the quilt, not sure about the hair ;)

:Jayne said...

Oh how I so wish I could be there. But my eldest son picked that day to be married. I know you'll have fun, have a margarita for me!

Dee said...

Is that your hair in that sink?

georgia said...

Yup, bad habit. When it starts sticking out on the sides and curling out over my elephant ears, I get the shears out. Husband shaves his head, why cant I. Cause I shouldnt thats why.

Liz in PA said...


I hope Your MOM THE QUILTER is sure to embroider her Name, Town/State, and the Date somewhere on the quilt for historical purposes!

Just wish I lived lotsa states closer, but I'll be there in spirit
(just hangin' round!!) on 5-2-2009!

I will keep my fingers crossed too!

Leah said...

Your Mom is the Queen Bee of the Quilting Bees!I'll be thinking of ya May 2nd and I'll be there in spirit too and my mark will be left on the mini books I mailed today. You hafta drink a Margarita for me you know the one when you say I'll drink just ONE more,ha,ha!Leah