Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Just a few things that I love from Idaho...a very few, cause I loved everything about it!
And really loved this view from the plane before I even got there.

And just look at this room! And the wonderful beautiful women preparing our
meals and serving us with the hugest smiles and hearts ever.
It is the essence of the whole week.
Loving each other...just that simple.
And the very best roommates I have ever had!
Marianne, Mona and Jayne. love them so much!My "TRUTH" journal. Still empty...cant come up with a good enough reason of why.
But it sits in the living room so I can see it all the time.
It just makes me feel good and smile inside.
I've lived with so many lies over the years, its just good to really know the
truth really does exist and is alive and well inside of me!
I love you Jayne!
The walk to the lake was beautiful itself...then the sunset and...no words for that!
Thank you God, it was magnificent!
At the motel in Eagle where we met the bus to take us to heaven...I mean McCall.
The most serene, clear, flowing and COLD river ever! There was a huge tree log
that had fallen in the water just a step off the bank. I just had to sit
on it a while and soak the travel tired footsies. But only long enough
for this picture, or they would have frozen and broken off!
The rose garden in Boise provided another of Gods most beautiful works.
We had a nice walk through it taking pics of all the different colors.
And the squirrels and geese were there to entertain also...
making you watch your step for sure!
We get back to our room after a full morning of shopping,
and I mean a LOT of shopping! That Jayne can make the rounds!
We get back into our wonderfully fancy hotel room and look out
the window to find this!
A double rainbow over the mountains! How cool is that!!!
And 2 of my all time favorite things...Angie and Keagan.
They just fill my heart with all things good.

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Mimi said...

Your journal cover is wonderful. I need to go to my room from http://roomstogrowusa.web12.hubspot.com/hobbyrooom/ and try to create something just half as wonderful as yours!