Monday, February 23, 2009

Ain't Love Glorius!

Are they cute or what! Well they are making me nuts! And I love them dearly!

This is youngest sister Gia and her husband elect, come this Saturday, Greg. Hes not new around here, it just took him almost a decade to decide if he actually wanted to be a legal part of our loving group of squirrels we call family. He will really be questioning his decision come Sunday morning. Cause we will all be dressed up in our Sunday go to meetin best and puttin on our purtiest grins and attempting our very best behavior. Oh, and Gina and Lannie will be there...I said attempting, Gina does like a good party!

This wonderful occasion has really been put together in a very short time. Like less than 6 months. It has gone from a quaint little family gathering to what we call our very own "Big Fat Greek Wedding". Literally, it is. Sorry Gia, Vegas is out for sure now. It is being held in the huge Greek Orthodox Church in the big city. We're going to stay in a fancy hotel and everything. We have reservations!

She has the big fluffy long wedding dress and veil. Yes I finished the veil in time. The big 3 tier cake with tiny little icing cherry blossoms and a red velvet grooms cake shaped like an armadillo, just kidding. And the huge reception with fancy foods and probably two forks and two spoons for every person. There are musicians so there will be dancing. And toasts, NO NOT by me! But its coming from Greg's brother, so who knows, they may wish is were me by the time he is through! So we are only 5 days to the big event and I think sister still has hair although I'm not certain after talking to her on the phone just now. Greg tells her today that they MUST have programs for the wedding. They MUST have! EVERY wedding has programs! Programs? I go to the church expecting a wedding to take place. There is a priest, bride and a groom and some other guy. They go to the front of the church. Priest says stuff. They put on rings. Kiss. Done. Married. Walk out and drink booze. Program schmogram. So Gia's making a program. Five days Gia, breath, its only five more days.

We are all really looking forward to this fun weekend. And it will last all weekend long. A nice cocktail party on Friday night, the wedding Saturday afternoon, reception and dance Saturday night, and a breakfast on Sunday morning. That's a pretty big thing for us. Since a nice time for us usually consists of renting two movies instead of one to go with the pizza.

So be watching for some fantastic photos of the uniting of two more beautiful people in this world. It really will be great and I could not be happier for any two people in the world. They are totally fitted for each other in every way. Both are exceptional people with the biggest hearts ever and I know without a doubt would do anything for me or anyone else who had a need. They deserve a wonderful wedding and a long and lasting life together. And by golly they are just cute together!

I wonder if Greg knows its customary in the Greek tradition for the groom to give the brides oldest sister a new car?


Hi ! I'm Cindy said...

Oh tomorrows the big day!!! And the party begins tonight!! Have a great weekend, Georgia and congratulations to Gia and Greg!!

Dee said...

I know you're having a great weekend! I've been thinking of you!

Dee said...

...heh,heh, my comment "took" this time...thanks to Cindy! (She told me to try posting using IE)

Liz in PA said...

Hi Georgia~ I bet you beamed w/happiness and love for your sister and her husband at their wedding! I can't wait to see pictures! I love wedding pictures and videos....even if I have no idea who the people are!
Just now found my way back to Your Blog.....I somehow got lost in cyberland.......LOL
....Hope you get your new pc soon and can post, I miss you!
Hugs: ♥♥♥ Liz in PA