Thursday, March 5, 2009

May I Present To You...

Mr. and Mrs. Greg Galafa...Gelifan...Gillefakinakin...

Gia and Greg!
Sorry he's only been one of us for 9 years or so and

I STILL can't spell that name!

And the whole weekend went off without a single problem! Maybe a very minor glitch here or there. But all in all, I cant think of one. Maybe the party crashers on Friday night. But that was just funny. And even though Saturday was really really really windy, like I would imagine Chicago to be, everything was still perfect! Totally perfect!

The Friday night cocktail party. It was held at an art gallery in downtown Austin that is owned by a friend of Gia's. And since 6th street in Austin is open almost all night, every once in a while we would have strangers that could not read, just walk in and head right to the food tables. Good thing the open bar was at the other end of the room! Gia would politely approach them and ask if they saw the "Private Party" sigh posted on every door. Most left immediately, somewhat embarrassed. One woman apologized and left her plate of food she had fixed, but kept the food she had dropped in her purse! She will always be one of our wedding funnies.

Everyone had a wonderful time getting to know each other. Greg's family is a fun bunch, to say the least. His dad Harry and uncle Nick are total HOOTS! VERY Greek and well, boisterous is a good word. They all love to laugh, mostly at each other. And turns out cousin Nick was a real hoot just like his uncles. He came up to me to introduce himself. He was so sweet. Stuck out his hand with a grin and said, "You must be Gias MOTHER". Poor guy had to live with that moment for the rest of the weekend. I am sure his cousins will remind him of it every chance they get... for the rest of his life. Probably have it etched on his tombstone.

Saturday was not at all what I had expected. I have been to, worked, put on, and served at many weddings in the last 30 years. And I have to say that this one was absolutely the easiest one EVER! And the most beautiful. Simplicity is everything! My girl knows where to put her money to benefit her most and she did everything perfectly on this one. I gotta say, Gia is tight. Very tight! She threw a beautiful wedding on what most weddings these days would get you the flowers and cake. And she put her money in service. Huge plug for the Wyndham in Austin. We were taken care of like I have never known. Not like I get out much, Motel 6 really doesn't do all that much. But they do leave the light on for ya. Basically, all we did was pin some bows on the chairs and set up the cake tables. I am not kidding, that is it! And it was perfect! Classy and elegant! Totally perfect!

We partied till midnight or some later and we just walked away. Cake crumbs and all. And someone else cleaned it all up! I have NEVER seen that before! Some went to the bar and finished out the night there. I hit the bed. This old sister was wiped out. Can't hang like I use to. But I don't think they missed me at all.
Sunday morning was a huge buffet breakfast, all in white. Greg's parents hosted this one, as gracious as ever. It was especially nice since most everyone was leaving by lunch that day and I would say 85% of the guests had to FLY home! It was great to sit in a quiet, as quiet as a room full of Greeks can be, banquet room and visit one more time before saying our goodbyes.

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