Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Blessings Grow

I moan and I groan. I complain and whine. I procrastinate. I bitch and nag. And nag and bitch. I want and want and want. I get down and depressed and negative. Then I bitch and complain and whine some more.

And I am ashamed.

I am the most blessed person that I know of. And I had to be reminded of that by people that I have never even met face to face. Not just one or two, but a LOT of people.

Thank you Girlfriends, for being the wonderful daily blessings of my life!

And here are some of my blessings at previous Celebrate Your Girlfriends parties. A couple of pages from my scrapbook.

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Liz in PA said...

Hi Georgia~ the pics are very nice. You can just tell how much fun the people had at the Celebrate Girlfriends parties!
Oh......the quilts must have been glorious too!
What a wonderful tradition to have these scholarship gifts for those that are fortunate to receive them to help in many ways in their lives.

They say when you give, you receive far more in return!

And you girlfriend definately are a GIVER!

Hugs: Liz in PA

Cindy said...

That's what girlfriends is all about!! I'm sure the moaning and groaning, the complaining and whining, the bitching and nagging is not aimed at a woman!! That's what men were put on this planet for!!

You are a very giving person with a huge heart, and I thank you for that!

And because of this, CELEBRATE YOUR GIRLFRIENDS is a wonderful, wonderful event to bring it all together and help another one of us out!

Cindy said...

BTW -- how can we get a raffle ticket for these quilts?

Kudzu said...

I'm waving my hand"I'm out here!"..just discovered your blog from Cindy at Chippewa Creek..keep up the good work!

Deb said...

Enjoyed the pictures Georgia! I’ve never met a woman who wanted to live life without a girlfriend... Just knowing that people we have never even met before think of us, support us, and calls us girlfriends just puts a smile on my face and a holds a special place in my heart.

:Jayne said...

That's what we are here for girlfriend! Some days you can bitch and moan, some days we'll do the bitching and moaning. It all comes around. We still love ya bunches!