Sunday, June 7, 2009

Meet Sigfried & Sarafina SaSquash

FINE! Then tell me what YOU would have done with deformed squash!

So Meet Sigfried and Sarafina SaSquash. Dressed in their red carpet finery they enjoyed a night out in Austin on Friday night attending the premier of The Hangover. Starring Zack Greg's brother and Gia's brother in law Galifianakis! They had the times of their short lives. The red carpet treatment all the way!
Arriving at the Alamo Draft House Cinema early to be sure to see any stars as they arrived, Sarafina insisted on wearing her tiger skin wrap with the matching pillbox hat, and carrying her silver and pearl clutch. Sigfried nixed the black tie attire for a more casual and comfortable wear. His best Texas bolo and his big rodeo belt buckle of course.
Everyone screamed as Zack was tazzzzzered! Totally cool man!
The excited and happy Zack's brother and sister in law had the best time of all! Look at the beaming on Greg's face! Is he proud or what!!!
No, we cant stay for The Terminator.
Sarafina was totally star struck with Greg. She is in love.
They talked all the way home about what a wonderful party that Gia threw for all their family and friends. And how much fun it was to crash their party. Oh, and how beautiful she is because she looks so much like her oldest sister.
Picture hording is a new hobby for the SaSquashes.
And here is Georgia's other beautiful sister Gina and...
OH MY GOD!!! I KNOW THAT MAN! HE WILL EAT ANYTHING!!!!! Look how he is looking at us! Is that drool? Evil I say, EVIL!
How sweet and innocent youth is. Gullible enough to hold two squash people and smile in public.
Well folks. Thanks for joining us for The SaSquashes Big Adventure. They have plans to travel the states before rotting...uh...retirement. So look for them in a state near you. I am thinking they will be making a trip to Florida via first class mail very soon! Look out Jayne!


:Jayne said...

I hope they will have a great time. Are they bringing their own photographer?
I have their suntan oil ready!!!
I must say I love Gina's taste in blouses! We could be twins!

Anonymous said...

That made me laugh... and right now, that hurts!!
You were at the Alamo Draft House not 5 miles from my house!!!
We really need to get together!