Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sisters Are SOOOO Much Better Than Calgon!

Is there anything more perfect than picking up the phone and saying, "I want to go to the coast May 27th through the 29th" and hearing "Ok, let's go!" I really don't think there is. And I barely gave them a weeks notice. In Gina's case, all I really have to say is wake up, we're going somewhere, and she stumbles to the car. Gia takes a day or two to rearrange her busy schedule. I need a schedule.

So Gia picked me up Wednesday morning and we zoomed over to get Gina and headed south. It pretty much rained on us the entire way there. I kept thinking we would drive out of it. But it was even raining on the coast. We got there around 4, unloaded our stuff at our home for the next 3 days and headed to the beer joint on the beach. After all, that's what we were there for! We ate a bite and had a few beers...and found out that Gina doesn't like water in her beer. Go figure. The rain stopped and cleared off while we sat in the bar with the locals. So we headed back to the pool and the huge bottle of margaritas that Gia brought. Gina had more beer, Gia had a margarita and I think I had the rest.

The next morning I woke up as Gia was going out the door. There was nothing in the room to tell me what time it was so I got up and dressed and headed to the beach. And left this one enjoying what she loves best about a vacation. Don't we all?

It was still cloudy. I didn't realize until I got to the beach that the sun was just coming up. So I spread my towel and had a seat to enjoy the show. And it was beautiful. The wind was high making the waves high too.

The birds put on a show too. This ones a butt poker. Hes a lot bigger than the gulls.

Later in the day someone told us about the wildlife preserve/bird sanctuary that was there in Port Aransas. As many times as we have been there, we didn't know about it. And Gia does love the wildlife so we HAD to go see.
It can kind of make you take a step back when this sign is the first thing you see. Supposedly there is only one. We didn't see him so I will just take their word for it.

We watched the crabs dance around and mate.

Watched the turtle sunbathing and defending her spot.

Watched the birds pole sit. No dancing involved.

Made the sun beauties pose.

After seeing all the critters we could stand, we headed back to the pool. They were out there for hours, as in long enough to get crispy. Me, I laid in the room for a while then did some local art shop browsing. Came in to hungry girls. Of course I was named to fix supper. No problem. I got the meat out and put it in a skillet and got butted out. That little six foot kitchen isn't room enough for our three butts, so mine found a chair to supervise from.

Later on we headed for a short sit at the beach. And watched Gia in the running of the gulls. I refuse to take her to Spain. Gulls is all she gets.

And of course on Thursday morning, on our way out of town...
The Three G's On The Beach!


Gia said...

Oh, my beautiful blogging sister!

I loved our time at the beach together and can't wait to start planning our next trip!

Love my sisters!!!

Liz in PA said...

Precious precious memories for all you SISTERS! It is wonderful that you all get along so well and really do appreciate each other.
That's the best part of family!

What a fun time you all had! I do see a Scrapbook made of the excursion!

I have only 1 sister and she lives 3 states away.......I miss her so much. I think this is the summer we are going to visit each other, I can hardly wait!

Leah said...

Glad you got to getaway with your sisters. The scenery is gorgeous!Looks so peaceful....

Providence Acres Farm said...

Sounds like a perfect vacation get away! Great pics!