Sunday, January 3, 2010

It's A New Year After All

Why did I doubt it? Not really sure. But it happened anyway.
Without me doing a damn thing to make it happen. For once, something happened all by it self.
I really like it when that happens.

I'm pretty sure we have a new year here in Deadrock too. But I am totally for certain sure that it happened in San Antonio. Cause I was there. And I saw it. With both eyes all focused and everything. I'm sure it happened there cause I got a New Years Kiss. Yup. Sure did.

Thank you Lannie and Gina for a GREAT New Years! We love you loads!

See the proof? Fireworks over the Tower of the Americas! I told you it was true!

Oh, and it was cold. We had the longest river taxi ride EVER!
Damn woman driver wouldn't take us to our hotel, it was out of the way.
We made that stupid circle at least a dozen times.
Bitch didn't get a tip either.The lights were great too, even though the photography isn't. Happy New Years Everyone!

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Leah said...

Since there's a picture of John sitting next to you,I assume he's the one that kissed ya!I slept thru it,cuz I had to wk the next morning. Woopee! Happy New Year Georgia!Leah