Monday, January 4, 2010

Sitting here while all the babies snooze, listening to their tiny snores, makes me ponder.
What will they grow up to accomplish? Who will they be?

Little Logan the line backer. I swear he grows an inch a week.
The sweetest disposition you could ever imagine in a baby.
Kobe will be the life of the party where ever he goes. He is a real heart breaker. A smile that can melt glaciers and a hug a minute. He drives the others crazy wanting hugs every few minutes.
Sweet Andy. Eyes that shine to brighten the world. He is just happy, all the time, happy happy happy! I want to be Andy when I grow up.
Mischievous Ms. Makayla. A tiny little firecracker. And has us all wrapped around her little finger, especially Uncle John. She points...and she gets.
Yes, they cry. There are dirty diapers. They fuss. They fight. They whine. They demand attention. They are babies. That's what they do.
Just holding them, hugging them, watching them play, listening to their sweet gibberish, and laughs and squeals, seeing their smiles every day...
makes my world a wonderful place for me to be.

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Leah said...

Yes the kids are cute and adorable,but they have a super nanny too! Wonder if the parents realize God set them in your lap? It's not everyday you find a sitter that will love and nourish your children the way I know you do.As busy as life is children really spend more time with their sitter than with the parents,at least during the week.It's the small stuff that counts! I know it's not all cuteness and sweetness,lol,but it mostly is! Happy for ya! Leah