Wednesday, March 25, 2009

And the Winner is...

Cause YOU are my favorite!!!
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I am taking my mom out for some mommy/daughter time tonight and tomorrow. We are going out to read some signs! My mom LOVES to read signs! Road signs, billboard signs, business names, licence plates, signs on vehicles, peoples shirts...Everything she sees, she has to read, out loud.
And she loves to tell you that when she was a kid, anytime they got to go anywhere, they read the signs. Only it was totally hilarious when they did it. Because after every sign they read, they added "between the sheets!" And apparently it was really funny to say such a dirty thing out loud and get away with it.
And yes I have tried it when alone of course, just to see what it was all about. "Kountry Inn Hotel...between the sheets." "Chinese Buffet...between the sheets." "Watch KCEN channel 6 News...between the sheets." Ok, so I can smile about it. But after a few hours of it...that's enough...between the sheets!

In a couple days, I am going to download some pictures of the past Girlfriend parties, just so it will make you want to not miss it for the world! Because you should, you know! BE THERE! FOR THE WORLD! between the sheets!

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Liz in PA said...

Oh that is funny because I can remember as a child, going anywhere in the car w/my parents I would pronounce and spell the words that I saw outside of businesses. The one example I vividly remember is:


Seems that sign was everywhere!!!
LOL It was usually a very brightly lighted sign! Funny, but that has stuck with me all these years!

Enjoy your Mom/Daughter time Georgia! It is Memory Making for sure!

Liz in PA