Saturday, March 14, 2009

The way to win a quilt in a raffel...

The way to win a beautiful hand made and hand quilted quilt that is made by my beautiful Mom, is to buy $100.00 worth of tickets! That's what Robyn did last year for the Celebrate Your Girlfriends party and she won! Every payday she came walking into my office..."I need more tickets. I HAVE to have that quilt!" I was so happy when she won it. It is a really beautiful king size quilt. You should see the one Mom is working on right now. Pictures coming soon, I promise!

And this year we are doing something new, because we don't have RULES to follow and we can do what ever we want to to make things better and more fun for YOU! I am making a second quilt! These are the fabrics I am starting with. Wonderful tropic looking turquoise. I love it.

Yesterday with the day off, I finally got it cut out and partially put together. Then decided it needs to be a little bigger. It will be a over sized lap quilt.

In the bow tie pattern. Actually the "easy" bow tie pattern, done on the machine, not hand sewn. NO I DO NOT HAND SEW! I am way to impatient for such things when it comes to quilting. I want a fast finish. See some results a quickly as possible. And this is one of those patterns.

I actually got all the bow ties made last night, but received a call that I would have to go to work today, so had to quit and go to bed. Beauty sleep you know. More like, so I don't hurt someone the next day sleep.

Don't you just want to lick these colors! I can not wait to get this one cut out. I am hoping it will be the first prize quilt. Wouldn't it be beautiful on your bed? Don't you want to buy some tickets? Don't you want to sell some tickets? Let me know!


WV_Hills said...

Where can I get tickets! I'm going to win the quilt this year. I hope you sell lots of tickets, but the winning one is MINE!

:Jayne said...

I'd love to buy tickets so I can WIN that quilt!

windydays27 said...

I love the colors for the pink quilt. Like...LOVE them.

bhead said...

Beautiful colors and yes some tickets please!!